Wednesday, May 16, 2018

First Walk in the Woods of 2018

It's been a gorgeous day! The sun is shining and the temperatures are in the 70s. We decided it was time to take a walk in the woods.

We headed for Lake Le-Aqua-Na State Park near Lena, Illinois. 

Ray grabbed his camera and lots of camera equipment and I had a small pack with essentials and our water.

We found wildflowers - exactly what Ray wanted to see. 

I found a Columbine! It was hanging its head so Ray held it for my picture.

We also found dandelions going to seed. I resisted the urge to blow.

I love seeing the blue sky through the trees.

Mostly we followed the Waddams Creek Trail but we were also on the Whitetail Trail. Sometimes the trail was well defined but rough.

Sometimes it was smooth.

And sometimes it was blocked!

I had a trailblazer much of the time so I was good.

We crossed a bridge over the creek

and saw us!

We passed rock walls on the far side of the creek?

We found fungi but no morels.

Ray was delighted to find the wildflowers

and I was so happy to be wearing my hiking boots again.


  1. A perfect walk on a perfect day! I love finding wildflowers, too. I love my camera as much as I love my sewing machine. Happy Spring!!



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