Thursday, September 21, 2017

Heading South

Tuesday, September 19

It is always sad to leave Canada but it was time to head south past wheat fields

and changing trees.

Ray drove and I took pictures - that's the way it usually is!

We stopped at Naniboujou Lodge near Grand Marais, MN. After hearing about it, we just had to see it. Now I'm trying to go back there on a quilting retreat. We both would love spending time there. These are pictures of the restaurant.

We found our rental in Duluth, MN, with no problems. We are sitting way above Lake Superior with some fantastic views.

We took a few hours this afternoon to catch up - our phones did not release any text messages while we were in Canada?? Anyway we had a little catching up and some calls to make. And it felt good to just sit for a while.


  1. That is one interesting ceiling. Inspiring, if you were on a retreat.

  2. Love being an "armchair traveler" and seeing all your wonderful



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