Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Heading on to Canada

Post delayed due to very slow Internet connection.

Friday was dreary but the rain stopped before we packed to leave. The temperatures were in the 50s and 60s all day. Shortly after getting on the road, we encountered a semi truck with the trailer on fire.  We were there before the fire/police. The driver was okay but the trailer did not survive.  

Our first waterfall was at Cross River where we saw this rushing one. 

Then we stopped at Temperance River and hiked down to the footbridge. I love the way that this river has carved the rocks. 

On the other side of the footbridge, the water slowed down a bit. 

Then the river emptied into Lake Superior.

At Cascade River, we watched the water cascading towards Lake Superior. I loved the views of the Lake there.

Then it was time for some shopping! In Grand Marais, I found that the quilt shop had closed 😞. There was one yarn shop open, That Little Red House. We spend quite a bit of time talking with the owner. I left with yarn for three pair of socks. The skeins on the outside are alpaca sock yarn. It is soooo soft.

Near Grand Portage, we stopped at an overlook . The day was overcast but the lake was no longer covered in haze.

There was some color in the rocks.

It took a while to cross the border but when it was finally our turn, it took about 1 minute! And just like that we lost an hour. Ontario, at least this part, is on Eastern time.

We found our rental which is nice. We are on the edge of the city and it feels like the country.


  1. I could sit and soak up those views of the river, waters, and the lake for a long time.

  2. I bought some fabric at the Ben Franklin in Grand Marais. That is as far as we went North.



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