Thursday, September 14, 2017

Castle Danger

We are in Castle Danger which is just north of Two Harbors, MN. 

On Wednesday, our first stop was Kunert Kreations in Gordon, Wisconsin - she carries everything!

This isn't a great photo, but you might be able to tell that this is some pretty yarn that followed me out the door. It was hard to leave the beautiful batik fabrics but I did. ☺️

We headed on to Playing with Yarn in Knife River.

I'm just amazed by the huge inventory that these small shops carry. Some white Aran yarn came with us this time.

It was lunch time and we just had to eat at Betty's Pies.

Ray had the caramel apple pie for dessert

and I had blueberry. It was delicious! 

After checking into our rental, we went back to Two Harbors and saw the Two Harbors Lighthouse from afar. This historic lighthouse is now a Bed and Breakfast.

We traveled further north to Split Rock Lighthouse. There was lots of fog/mist over Lake Superior.

We were expecting rain this afternoon (Thursday) so we got moving early this morning and went to Gooseberry Falls and State Park. It is always a good day when I put on my hiking boots and backpack. The weather was overcast and the temperature in the 60s. We saw lots of evidence that fall is coming.

We hiked all kinds of terrain and we never fell in the water although we crossed it many times!
Some trails were paved; others weren't
There were many steps - concrete, wood, stone
We crossed many bridges and went under this one
We saw the upper falls, the middle falls, and the lower falls. I think we were above and below each of them.

It was after noon when we went on to Beaver Bay and found the Quilt Corner. I found fabric with just guitars - that is hard to find! I also found 4 small pieces to use in an upcoming quilt.

We had a late picnic lunch near Silver Bay Marina with a view of Lake Superior. It was cool and windy but nice. I especially enjoyed the view from the overlook at the marina.

The rain never did arrive this afternoon. Maybe later tonight...

Tomorrow we hope to do a little hiking on our way to Canada. Looking forward to another great day!


  1. Beautiful photos! Love that you get to hit yarn and fabric shops on your travels.

  2. Yarn, fabric, food, hike, waterfalls....all the views for great inspiration. Thanks for taking me on your adventure.

  3. Sounds like you're having a wonderful trip! My hiking boots are going to get a workout later today. I'm loving the cooler termperatures. At least I don't have to work off that luscious pie!

  4. We were at Gooseberry Falls in 2013. Also stopped at the Quilt Corner in Beaver Bay. Have fun!



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