Friday, June 30, 2017

A Finish and A Start

We've had a wild week. Wednesday night we had storms - 6 1/2" of rain, 2 tornado sirens, and 10 hours without power. There was a lot of cleanup going on in the area so we were very surprised when the guys showed up Thursday afternoon to install the gutters on our garage. Our garage is finished! 

Today is Day 1 - the start of our trip to Virginia to meet our oldest and his family.  The sun was shining in our eyes right before we left. 

We got an early start but the weather deteriorated; we finally made it to Indianapolis through some heavy traffic and very heavy downpours with wind. We never saw the Welcome to Indiana sign - the rain was too heavy! The rain did let up a bit as we were finding our rental. We sat for a few minutes in the car and as soon as the it let up slightly more, we headed for the door which was a long way from where we parked - more in a minute. Well as soon as we were out of the car, we knew we were in trouble. I was standing in 5" of water and the downpour immediately intensified! We moved as fast as we could although we were already drenched!

We finally made our way inside and found our condo - then we both stripped down and put our clothes in the dryer. After a few minutes they felt so good. Then we threw our raincoats into the dryer - yes we were wearing raincoats and still got thoroughly drenched. Even Ray's wallet and money were soaked! Some of it is drying out here. The camera came in later.

We are at an airbnb rental in Indianapolis. This minor league stadium was converted to condos in 2013 and it just sounded like fun to stay here. 
Located within the original confines of historic Bush Stadium, Stadium Lofts truly are a one-of-a-kind living opportunity. By saving the original structure of the stadium, Core has managed to find a new life for this Indianapolis landmark.

We had to park in the visitor lot and walk to the entry of the stadium - close to a a city block. Now that we have a key fob, we are able to use other doors and gates.

After about an hour and a half, the rain let up so we decided to bring in what luggage we needed and we were lucky to find a shortcut to the car but the deep water still needed to be crossed. We were able to look around and take a few photos before the rain began again. 

The ballfield is still here. 

Some of the stadium seats near the workout rooms.

On the first floor, looking up above a workout room, you can see the understructure from long ago.

We love how they labeled each condo.

There is also an outside fireplace with lots of seating, a grill area, a frisbee golf course, and a sand volleyball court. This would be a great place to live or to visit when it's not raining! Our condo is small but sufficient. Sadly we are looking out on the parking lot rather than the ballfield. It has still been a fun experience.

We are spending the evening online, reading, and knitting. Although we are very close to lots of things going on downtown, it is still stormy.

Tomorrow we will head to West Virginia. I really hope we see the rain end...


  1. Whoa! You hit a deluge! Glad you got thru it all safe and hope for better weather tomorrow.

  2. I wondered how you faired, with all this weather. Most of it missed us (it stayed north). Hopefully you will dry out today. Enjoy your family vacation!

  3. You are such a pair of adventurers! I have never heard of these stadium lofts...sounds so unique! Sorry the rain is with you...I think heavy rain is as bad as snow to drive in so safe travels to you folks!



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