Saturday, June 24, 2017

A fun day and a little sewing!

We had the honor of watching our 10-year-old grandson play his guitar and sing for the Pink Tour Benefit today. He is a fantastic guitarist and the place he recently bought a guitar asked him to be a part of the benefit. We are so proud that he was willing to perform. It was a fun day!


I finally did a little sewing! I made a knitting project bag. I used a free pattern from and the bag is about 13" by 18". I bought the fabric at Missouri Star last month. I did a little quilting on the outside of the bag - I just HAD too!

The inside has pockets. The color of the inside is lime green.

The long handle slips through the short handle. I've heard these bags called a few different names so I'm really not sure what is correct.

I like this - I wasn't sure if I would since it doesn't securely close but I think it will be great.


  1. Wow, a star in the making with his guitar. That is great and I love all the encouragement he is getting for it:)

  2. Congrats on your grandson's achievement! And the bag looks great....with the "quiltiness" added, of course!!!

    1. Thanks! This was grandson's second public performance. The first was a school talent show where he used his distorter and played more hard rock. This time he played and sang country - more my style and I loved it!



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