Sunday, June 11, 2017

Garage Update

Garage Update:

It's almost done! The work on this door will be finished this week. Then we'll just need electricity - we are already on the electrician's list.

The process has been interesting with a few hidden blessings. We ordered a 7' tall door with windows. Another customer ordered this 8' tall door and then changed his mind. We were offered the door in place of ours. Who needs windows? That extra foot is great for opening the hatch backs on our vehicles!

Somehow we didn't order the side door and the windows??! The lumber yard must know us well - everything is perfect. We didn't know we wanted windows that opened with screens! They are great. 

The roll up door in the back was supposed to be 5' wide. Our neighbor thought we might be sorry we didn't order a 6' door but it was already ordered. Another fluke blessing, somehow we received a 6' door!

You can see the sidewalk along the side of the garage in the above photo. I love it! And that little bit of walkway in the back is for the garbage cans.

Ray has been busy organizing and moving into his storage/shop area. We are getting rid of a number of things. He is moving from an 8' by 10' shed into a 9' by 24' area. It is getting full?! I guess it must be like a sewing studio!


  1. sure had a string of good blessings! I do believe this shop was a destiny waiting to be built, as all the finished touch came together to perfection. And like a sewing will not be big enough, or ever get filled. Excited to see what comes out of it:)

  2. Of course Ray will fill that thing up. Nicely done!

  3. It looks wonderful, and, you get your beautiful. porch back.

  4. Can a person adore a new garage? Cause I love yours...and if you recall, it is about the same size as our house! Enjoy that new space! You know, you could always leave the cars outside and make a new sewing room, giggle!

  5. Sounds like you were blessed with some unexpected 'changes'! Careful.. his man cave might get bigger than your sewing studio!



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