Friday, June 23, 2017

Too busy?!

I've been so busy that I'm not getting any quilting time!

We will be meeting our oldest son and his family soon for a week-long vacation together. I'm in the mist of planning some crafts/activities. I have a number of ideas so I'm trying things and gathering supplies. The last time we were together, these five grandchildren greeted me with "Did you bring crafts?". The oldest, a granddaughter, and I have been hatching ideas. She requested a Treasure Hunt and I think I have a great one planned. 

Ray and I celebrated our 47th wedding anniversary on June 13. Where does the time go?! We're hoping to celebrate many more.

A friend and I took a knitting class from Susan B Anderson in Madison, Wisconsin. It was called Smooth Operator Socks and we learned how to do a really neat heel. 

The yarn I used is Circus Stripes from Knit Circus. They sponsored Susan's workshop. In addition to the heel, it was nice to learn how to make the socks match.

Our garage is done except for the gutters. We finally have electricity. Ray spent some time today waxing one of the cars inside - he loved it!

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