Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Fish Sticks, A Sweater, and A Mess!

Fish Sticks is a fun, small, donation quilt. 

The fish fabric was gifted to me as part of my friend Nancy's stash. I loved the colors so I pulled fabric from my scrap stash and made this little quilt that is about 42" square.

I used Dream Cotton Batting and orange Aurifil thread for the piecing and the quilting. The back is orange with yellow dots.

I think you can see the quilting - gentle waves crossing the quilt. I used my quilting rulers to quilt this. The binding had all the colors of the quilt - it also is from my stash.


I finally finished the sweater that I began in January. I used Ann Budd's book, Top Down Sweaters, and made a generic raglan sleeve sweater. 

I used gray Coffee Beenz yarn by Plymouth. I think I figured out some things that should help me with my next sweater.

We Have a MESS here! We are building a new garage or more accurately: we are having a new garage built. The driveway is being replaced too. We spent a few days emptying the garage and shed. Our screened porch is FULL of stuff. The workers began Saturday - 3 days ago. The old garage is down and gone. The driveway has also been torn up and hauled away. A couple of trees have been removed 😔. The shed will leave within the hour.  A few truckloads of gravel have just arrived and are in the driveway. If the rain will hold off, we might get forms up for the concrete tomorrow. 

Some of the driveway rubble:

The driveway before gravel:

We've had lots of BIG trucks and equipment it's very exciting and VERY dirty and dusty. We've also had LOTS to traffic on our quiet, little street - people are checking it out. I'm glad that we now have gravel - it should help with the dirt. 

On Sunday, we dug up and gave away all of the day lily plants that were along the driveway; we'll be able to enjoy them in neighbors'  yards now. Ray is concerned about our lawn and garden next to the drive. I guess we'll take care of that when this MESS is gone.


  1. Great quilt finish....love the backing too. Ugh....building/repair projects are not my favorite thing to endure.But you seem to have it under control.

  2. Hope the rains this week don't mess up your drive and garage building.

  3. Been there/experienced that demo stuff.....and the worst is the beginnings when the previous has been removed leaving raw dirt that finds its way into everywhere. DH and DS (mostly DH) built ours...took a solid year (2 calendar years!) to actually see the finish (the inside is awaiting the workbenches. It's what happens when there are actually other buildings that are used for shop stuff!!!!). Soon it will be a memory.....................

    1. I remember when you were doing your garage. This will be done hopefully by June. The rains have delayed us a good week or more but things have been happening the last couple days. The first cement will be poured tomorrow. I ran the roomba today and decided not to dust. It was more fun to sew. ~Jeanne



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