Tuesday, April 18, 2017

New Appliances and Socks!

Our new stove and microwave finally arrived today. We bought them a month ago and had to wait until late last week to get the gas line run to the kitchen. 

This is a picture of the north wall of our kitchen this morning, aka BEFORE.

And this is a picture taken this afternoon, aka AFTER.

I'm excited to have a gas stove - I haven't had one since 1978. I feel like Santa's been here - or maybe it was the Easter Bunny!

For the time being, the other appliances in the kitchen do not match the new ones but the appliances on each wall do match! When the refrigerator and dishwasher need to be replaced, they will be.


I have a knitting finish! I made these socks with Zauberball sock yarn using the pattern 8 Stitches per Inch Socks by Ann Budd. 

The socks are knit with size 1 needles.

I do love wearing hand knit socks although I'm looking forward to warmer weather and not wearing socks.


  1. We have a gas stovetop, but, our oven(s) are wall units, and they are electric. I don't think I've ever baked in a gas oven before. I LOVE my gas stovetop.

  2. What brand is the stove? (I probably missed that piece of info...) I'm assuming(?) that it's convection. It's what I have and I luv it (also, gas.....would not have any other kind of range!). Being in TX for most of the winter, I haven't had the need for such sox (left them at home) or shoes, for that matter! It's been sandals/flip flops for that past few months and I'm really hoping for warm enough temps up North so I don't have to switch. Watching the weather reports for home sure gives me the idea that the Spring storms have started a tad early! I/we have really gotten used to the daily upper 80s temps here!!!! Hugs...............

    1. Stove is a Whirlpool. Oven is both regular and true convection. Dealer is in a little town about 20 miles away - great service and fantastic prices during annual spring sale. Spring storms have started - hail and wind seems to be the norm ­čś×. We have had some 70 degree days - ahhh, Spring! ~Jeanne

  3. New appliances look great. Crazy how excited we get at new kitchen pieces...lol. Replaced my wall ovens last fall and can't believe how noisy the old ones were with the fan running all the time.

  4. So jealous! I miss the gas stove I had at my last house in VT - it even was a double oven with convection. Sniff.... some day I'll get the double oven back but right now... will stick with what I have. It was so nice to turn off the burner and have the heat be gone.. just have to remember that with the electric. Pretty socks by the way.

  5. Love cooking on gas! They are gorgeous.



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