Friday, May 5, 2017

Small Quilt, Featherweight Bag, Rain Delay

This small donation quilt is 30" by 42". The fabric for this quilt was gifted to me as part of my friend Nancy's stash. The top is a small panel made of soft flannel.

The middle of the panel has butterflies and fireflies so I free-motion quilted a stipple with butterflies and fireflies - a first for me.  I quilted straight lines in the borders.

The animals around the edge of the panel match the animals on the back - they are obviously the same fabric line. The back is also flannel.

The binding is a green cotton from my stash. I used Dream Cotton batting and a turquoise Aurifil thread to quilt this.


I decided to make a bag for my Featherweight sewing machine. I've been told that one should not carry the case around as the handle may break. So I bought a pattern and some gorgeous fabric. The outside of the bag is a Kaffe Fassett fabric which I love. 

The inside of the bag and the trim are bright coral. The two pieces were quilted before I cut out the bag. The pattern asked for high loft batting - I used two layers of Dream Poly. I free motioned a three petals with echoing motif.

The inside of the bag has pockets all around.

The outside of the bag has pockets on one side. I made the straps a little longer than the pattern said so I can carry it over my shoulder. 

The bag is done except for a piece of wood to put in the bottom - I'll get that one of these days. I'm happy with the finished bag but I'll NEVER used that pattern again. Sometimes it's a little hard to sew two quilted pieces together but the pattern had seams sewing 5 quilted pieces together. And when sewing one seam I had to sew across 7 layers! I tried various machines - none wanted to sew that many thicknesses but I did finally get the job done. I made a few changes to the pattern: the length of the straps, the trim on the pockets, and a case to hold the piece of wood. I wish I had realized the thickness problems before I made the bag; I would have redesigned the bag.


The rain delay on our garage seems to be over! We lost well over a week but now things are moving forward again. The concrete for the garage pad was poured this morning. The apron and walkways are next followed by the driveway. The building of the garage will begin as soon as the concrete cures.  I think this project is going to be more involved that we originally thought - we will have a LOT of landscaping to do when the garage is finished...


  1. Great finish for the small one and love the quilting.
    Bags can be nightmares....such as your description of the super thick seams. Looking at it again....handles, pockets and binding....yuck. Don't think the designer sewed it up and enjoyed the experience! You might try two pieces of the plastic-type foam core ---like campaign signs use---for the bottom insert. Would be lighter weight than wood.
    Good luck with the garage is always more than expected.

  2. I have a small, rolling scrappers case for my Featherweight. Only problem (same with the original case) is that I have to remember to take the thread spool off before trying to put the machine in the case. Modern threads are taller than vintage thread spools.

  3. Love your bag! I recently bought one online because my original case wasn't safe enough to carry around. Yours is certainly more stylish than the one I bought!



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