Friday, April 7, 2017

Something New on a Beautiful Day

The sun shone today! That is unusual around here lately. It was a great day to do something new so we went to Nicholas Conservatory and Gardens. Ray wanted to take pictures of the butterflies. They have a Simply Spring Butterfly Exhibit right now.

It was a fun day. Here are a few of my pictures from the day:
Some of the many butterflies
Beautiful flowers and colorful 'totem' poles
Gorgeous orchids
Kids loved the water features
Nothing is blooming outside yet but we were walking in the  gardens when Ray just started laughing.  He saw this sculpture...

so I asked him to pose with the resident photographer.
Was Ray their model???
A couple more photos from outside:

We talked with a lady working at the Conservatory and she suggested the Prairie Street Brewhouse or Octane for lunch. We headed to the Brewhouse, another new place for us. We enjoyed a great meal, some of their fantastic root beer, and a tour of the place - it is pretty phenomenal. Next time we'll have to check out Octane.

Then it was time to head towards home. We will definitely be returning to Nicholas Conservatory and Gardens when the flowers start blooming. 


  1. Fabulous. I had a wonderful belly giggle over the dueling photographers.....a wonderful memory there. Love the orchids and special. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a fun day you had. New adventures and exploring are so fun.



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