Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Birthday Celebration has come to an End!

This morning we headed north and stopped in Peoria at Wildlife Prairie Park. I think the actual address is Hanna City. We had a beautiful cooler day, and a nice hike/walk around the park. And we did not climb up or down a gazillion steps! 

The park is pretty although it might be even nicer in the spring and summer with all of the flowers. 

I enjoyed seeing all of the animals and watching the otters, the cougars, the bear, and the wolves.
An otter
Mike the Buffalo
A black bear
As we headed on, we couldn't just pass by Tanners Orchard north of Peoria so we stopped. This is the first time we've eaten lunch there - my BLT with apple slices was really good! We picked up some Sweet Tangos to eat and some Courtlands and Jonathons for applesauce.

We arrived home late this afternoon and are now unpacked. I've had a great birthday celebration. All good things must end so this celebration is over. But we will continue to celebrate life - that's an everyday thing around here!



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