Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A Great Week with the Grands!

We had a wonderful week in Virginia despite the rain, rain, and more rain. We met son Brad's family at Twin Peaks (a rental house) in Basye, VA on Wednesday.  It was a great home and the host left us treats - one was a coconut cream pie!

The rain limited our outdoor time but we still enjoyed ourselves. And we were very thankful that Hurricane Joaquin veered away from the coast. When possible , the kids were outside on the zipline, 
The adults tried it too!
in the playhouse, doing a scavenger hunt, painting rocks and shirts, and more. 
Vampire Teeth
3-D hand drawing

One day we visited the Shenandoah Caverns. We spent lots of time inside - I had lots of help in the kitchen. We also played games and sewed. Each of the five children made a donation quilt top. I took fabric strips along in kits - more than enough for each quilt. That way each child could design his/her own quilt. Sometimes a strip was borrowed from another pile. I think they enjoyed themselves. Of course, I loved sewing with each of them! 

Ivy sat on my lap and put her finger on the fabric to help me guide it. As we sewed - Ivy constantly told me that her quilt was very pretty. The pale pink isn't showing up very well in the photo.
Ivy and Grandpa with her very pretty quilt
Grace decided to add a little interest and cut up some fabric. Can you see Grandpa's hands?
Grace and her bright quilt
Jackson likes baseball and I thought he'd enjoy this fabric - he did! Grandpa's hands are there again.
Jackson and his baseball quilt
Colter worked with the frog fabric. I kept calling it the turtle quilt to bug him.
Colter and his frog quilt
Crosby is now 6 so this was his first year sewing. He was so excited! He ran the foot feed while I 'steered' the fabric. Because of the trucks and stoplights on the fabric, we talked in terms of red, green, and yellow lights. Grandpa's hands are busy again.
Crosby and his truck quilt.
Another big project was the paracord bracelets. I think everyone had more than one when we finished.

Brad and family stayed an extra day - our gracious host offered all of us an extra day, free of charge, because of the horrible weather and the fact that the house wasn't rented until the weekend. Thankfully Brad had taken an extra day of vacation expecting to have a day when they arrived home.

Ray and I left this morning because we had another rental house paid and waiting for us further down the road. It has been a gorgeous day - in the 70s and lots of sun. I'm glad Brad and all got a nice day. We enjoyed the day too. It was a great week.

I guess when I get home, there will be 5 more quilt tops waiting to be pinned and quilted! I've never added five in one week before!


  1. What a wonderful day to learn by doing! The grandchildren made some gorgeous tops and learned about quilting and community. Awesome!

  2. Wow, it sounds like you all had a fabulous week, in spite of all the rain. Wow ... a rental house where they leave you treats (coconut cream pie no less!!!). Where are you off to now? Have fun!

  3. So glad that you had some a wonderful time with your grands! They sure are learning a great hobby!



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