Friday, October 23, 2015

And the treasures...

Wow, after I unpacked and started pulling out my new treasures, I was really a little surprised. I thought I was restraining myself but I may have gone a little overboard.

I found these at an Amish shop and thought my stash could use them.

Oranges and neutrals are always in low supply at my house.

I love blues. The piece in the middle top row has been in my stash many times. I seem to use it and never have enough. I probably should have bought 10 yards instead of one.

 I use lots of pretty reds.

My stash was very low on pinks

and yellows.

Kaffe Fassett fabrics always attract me. These two are from the newest line.

I thought these would be great bindings.

I bought these to make table runners, I think. It may turn into a small quilt.

With some white, these will make a small quilt or table runners or both.

This was a Daily Special at Missouri Star Quilt Company the day we were there.

These precuts were also added to my stash.

I guess it is pretty obvious that I like bright colors!

Applesauce is in the slow cookers, the freezers have been cleaned, and the laundry started. I have a few more things on my list and then I'll be sewing.


  1. What fabulous fabrics you brought home. While you may feel like you went a little overboard, you had a mission and a purpose behind each purchase, so I don't think you should feel too ashamed. ;-) Thanks for sharing.

  2. You must have an apple peeler/corer to do your apples - you are so fast! Haven't been to an orchard yet. Love your taste in bright colored fabric. Did you buy yarn, too?



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