Friday, October 23, 2015

Five Finishes!!!!!

When we were in Virginia earlier this month, our grandchildren each made a donation quilt  top. When we got home, I used my one week between trips to quilt each one and sew on the binding. I finished hand sewing the binding on this last trip. I don't sew in the car but I do enjoy handwork while watching sports on TV.

I laundered the quilts this morning and took some photos in the wind before the rain began.

First is Grace's quilt. She wanted a little more interest so she added random blue squares/rectangles. She called it The Bright Quilt. The binding is the same striped fabric she used in the quilt. 

Next is Jackson's Baseball Quilt. I knew his would be symmetrical. I was going to use black for the binding but Ray and I decided the brown was a better choice.

Colter's Frog Quilt is very cheery.  I was surprised that Colter established a pattern for his strips. Since he used that wild striped fabric, I used it for the binding.

Crosby wanted a pattern for the strips in his Truck Quilt but then he/we decided not to use the last yellow strip and to add a little length with the red on the ends.

After I trimmed the sides of Ivy's Pretty Quilt, it just seemed too long for the width. So I folded each of the bold colors (blue and both green strips) and sewed a seam with the adjoining strip and made the bold colors about 1/2 the original size. I think it is even prettier now.

Now I am working on the pile of unfinished quilt tops that are threatening to take over the sewing studio. I am determined to get the pile down to around 4. We'll see how that goes....


  1. Colter's binding is the same fabric I used for my son's wedding quilt binding. I love that fabric. I've used it again, for binding.

  2. Fabulous quilts! Your heart must be swellimg with pride!

  3. You are amazing! How do you do the labels?

  4. Oh wow! Those quilts are going to be such huge blessings to someone ... and to you as you're passing on not only the gift of quiltmaking but the gift of giving. Well done!



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