Saturday, September 27, 2014

A finish - actually it's a finish for two grandsons!

Today was the first day of our village's Pumpkin Fest. Well, technically it began last night but not much went on. Today was the parade, the craft fair, the food stands on the main street, and the carnival rides among other things. Our son, Brent,  and his family joined us and we all watched the parade together - most of the people in the parade throw candy to the spectators. What fun for the kids! 

It was a beautiful fall day with summer temperatures. Around 3 this afternoon, Ray and I decided to walk home - we'd had enough sun. We'd been home about 10 minutes when Brent's family joined us - they were ready for a break too! And the finish...

The two older grandsons, Mack and Griffin, wanted to sew so we finished the 'wild quilt' they've been making for Griffin. By their definition, a wild quilt is one where anything goes! They choose whatever they like from my scraps and/or orphan blocks. Griffin especially likes blue so this quilt has lots of blue fabric.

Griffin and his wild quilt.
The boys sewed a few blocks and they put borders on the other blocks. I did all of the rotary cutting and pressing along with appliquéing Griffin's name. After putting the blocks together, I sandwiched the quilt, did some straight line machine quilting and hand-sewed the binding. They each had to stitch two lines across the quilt today to finish the quilting.

Griffin and Mack, the quilt makers.
Griffin isn't tall enough to guide the fabric and use the foot pedal. Each time he sews, he decides which he wants to do. Most of the time he chooses the foot pedal and I get to guide the fabric. 

Griffin and me. Photo by Mack.

Griffin's wild quilt.
Griffin decided he wanted a soft back on his quilt - "like the back of a baby quilt". I knew he meant something like Minkee and I just happened to have a couple of scraps left from some baby quilts. To his delight, the color was blue.

The back of Griffin's quilt.
The quilt went home with them this evening but it won't be used for a while - we are enjoying summer weather although the trees are turning.


  1. How awesome that your grandsons helped design and make that quilt! I think it turned out marvelously! No fall-like weather here either ... high has been in the mid 80's ... although by the end of this week, we'll be down into the upper 60's for our highs. ;-)



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