Thursday, September 18, 2014

Enjoying fall weather and apples and cheese...

Lately, we have had cool, fall weather and that always makes us want to visit apple orchards.

Last week we were at Edwards Apple Orchard West. They had a few varieties of apples. We passed on the donuts but it took a lot of will power! After getting our apples -Zestar! and Ginger Gold- and some pretty mums, we wondered around the petting zoo. The goats were really cute.
These cuties were only a week old. I loved how the dog was keeping an eye on them!
This little one had the same markings as his mama.
Earlier this week we headed out to an Amish bulk food store, an Amish dent and bent store, the Decatur Dairy a fantastic cheese store, and Ten Eyck another apple orchard. We came home with a few treasures, LOTS of delicious cheese - Cheddar Swiss, Baby Swiss, Cheddar Bacon, Muenster, and a couple different kinds of curds - and more apples -Honey Crisp, Cortland, and Spartan. 

Last week I made applesauce and froze quite a bit. This week I froze apple slices and apple crisp of course, we ate some of the crisp too!

We still have quite a few apples and a lot of cheese in the fridge.  We both love apples. And we both love cheese. Life is good!


  1. Apples and cheese! Yum. How do you freeze the apple slices? I've never heard of doing that.

  2. Sounds just yummy! Sounded like a lovely day.

  3. I just love apple crisp. I'm not sure I would have had enough willpower to keep any to freeze. Ha! I'm hoping that there will still be apples at the local orchards when we get back home.

  4. Where's the Amish dent and bent store?



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