Monday, May 26, 2014

A finished quilt!

Last fall I bought a French General Jelly Roll at Quilt Camp. Using a Villa Rosa Design, Champagne,  I put together this quilt in February. 

I finally finished quilting it on May 10 and attached the binding on the 11th, the day before we went to Madison, WI, for Ray's surgery. That is the last time I've sat at my sewing machine! 

I finished hand sewing the the binding last week. The quilt is about 46" X 64".

I quilted the quilt with feathers - I haven't had time to do much machine quilting so it's far from the best but it's ok. The feathers are about three strips wide going in opposite directions.

The backing coordinates nicely with the top.

Ray's recovery is going well. It also keeps me busy. Most days I try to sneak a nap since we are up some every night with him changing locations. 


  1. Very pretty quilt! Hopefully you can sneak in some sewing time here and there around the recovery. Glad you are both doing well.

  2. Nice quilt. Things will start getting back to normal soon. It just takes time.

  3. That's a beautiful quilting hope you can get a little sewing time now and then. Don't forget to take care of yourself while you are caring for Ray, dear one.

  4. Your quilt is so beautiful. You have a wonderful flare for quilting those feathers! Well done!

  5. I really like that fabric! I've seen it made into a couple different quilts. It's really good to hear that Ray's recovery is going well. It's great to get a nap in when you can. Hopefully, life will get back to normal soon and you can get some sewing squeezed in!

  6. Love, love, love those fabrics. :) blessings, marlene



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