Thursday, May 22, 2014

We are so blessed.

Great News today - they got clear cells around Ray's cancer. It appears that they got it all!

We went to University Hospital at UW-Madison sort of expecting to stay. Things took a definite downhill turn for Ray in the last couple of days. It hasn't been fun.

Anyway, we are delighted with the report AND to be able to return home today.

Thanks for all of the prayers, the concerns, and the encouragement. We are very blessed.


  1. That is such wonderful news for you and Ray! So glad you got to return home today.

  2. Excellent news! So glad to hear ... and am hoping that Ray's downturn is short lived and that he's doing much better soon!

  3. Fantastic to hear! I'm sure recovery will go quickly this time around!

  4. Sorry Ray had a downturn, but, glad for the great report, and that he is home again. Take it easy Ray!



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