Thursday, May 15, 2014


It is SO NICE to be home. The trip was long, hard, and tiring for Ray. Sitting in one position riding over SO MANY bumpy roads wasn't fun. He did get a 'double dose' of pain killers before we left the hospital. He'd been getting a lighter dose for pain (actually 1/2 dose) and it was decided that the higher maximum dose would be smart for the trip.

Right after walking into our house, Ray said "What is that noise?". It was coming from the basement so I went downstairs and found a very noisy dehumidifier with its  little monitor saying to clean the filter. I took it apart and couldn't find the filter. DS Brent arrived just a minute or so later and tore it apart again and reached up inside. Whew! I didn't want to turn it off but I also didn't want it to burn up. Then I walked by a bathroom and couldn't figure out another weird noise. I was looking down and Brent looked up - the atomic clock needed a new battery. That fix I could handle! So glad Brent came to help - I was grateful for his help moving some heavy stuff but maybe even more grateful for ending the weird noises!

We are unpacked. Dinner is over. Ray's taken a number of walks around the house. Now we are both sitting and resting. It's been a tough day for Ray. I'm hoping things will start getting better for him tomorrow. Just being home feels SO GOOD


  1. It's wonderful that you two got home safe and sound! Glad that Brent arrived in time to save you from that noise. I can't stand hearing noises that I can't identify. I know just what you mean by being home feels SO GOOD! Hugs for you both!

  2. There really is no place like home. Praying that being home will be a balm for both you and Ray ... and bring healing. Nothing bugs me more than unidentifiable sounds ... glad you were able to put an end to yours.

  3. Hope he rested in his own bed better. I came home to the dreaded 'beep' from a smoke alarm the other day. So hard to figure out which one needs new batteries.



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