Monday, February 17, 2014

More Snow and A New Lid

We are in Champaign, Illinois where Ray has a meeting twice a year. We came AFTER the storm that went through northern Illinois on Saturday night. More snow - ugh! Now we have a ANOTHER storm going through the same area! Thankfully we have reservations to stay here until tomorrow. So far today in Champaign, we've had heavy snow, sleet, ice, and now more snow.

This year I brought along knitting. I planned to do some shopping today - the important kind - fabric and yarn, but the weather intervened. Ray and I planned to shop when his meeting was over but it looks like we'll just kick back, watch more of the Olympics, and I'll knit.

I had some alpaca left from the vest I made last fall. On Friday, I decided that I should make Ray an alpaca hat.

I was knitting on the way to Champaign and Ray wanted to know if he'd be able to wear the hat home. The answer is yes! 

I finished it just a few minutes after Ray came in from his meeting. They ended a little early due to weather. Lots of people are trying to go home and a few, like us, are just staying here.

When we leave for home tomorrow, Ray has a super soft, warm new hat to wear. I have plenty of alpaca left - maybe I need a hat too!


  1. Hope the snow isn't as heavy there as it is here, so far. Drive safely tomorrow. I'll be heading out to Yorkville for Quilts of Valor.

  2. I love that hat ... I think you need one too! Hopefully you'll get the northern edge of the warm weather moving in to our part of the state. Thankfully the ice this morning has all melted - and the sun is even shining right now. ;-)

  3. I really like that alpaca - I'm knitting an alpaca newborn hat and it's soo soft.

  4. I really like that alpaca hat you made Ray! That's one of the crafts that I never did learn. Hope you have a safe trip home.



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