Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Nursing covers ready and waiting...

Our newest grandson will most likely arrive with the next month. His family is ready - especially his Mom! 

We are ready too! The quilts are done but I can't show them yet! The nursing covers are done and delivered. 

I'm not sure how to take a good picture of a nursing cover - I decided to hang them.

The cover is a 25" wide by 23" long finished rectangle with a 16" length of boning in the middle of the top between the straps. The boning holds the cover away from the mom so she can see the baby. 

The strap is cut at 3" and finishes at 1 1/2". It fastens with a couple of D rings. 

I forgot to take a picture but the lower right corner has an 8 1/2" square of flannel folded on the diagonal sewn in the side and bottom hems. It is used to wipe the baby's mouth.

These are easy to make - sure wish I'd have thought of making one many years ago when I needed it!


  1. Wishing her a safe and quick delivery when the time comes.

  2. I wish I had thought of making one when DD had her babies.

    Praying for a safe delivery ... and patience while you all wait to meet your new little one!

  3. It's a Grandma's job to make nursing covers, not the Mom's! Hope the delivery is quick and safe. :-)



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