Friday, February 21, 2014

Blue Blankie

Our newest grandson will arrive soon. When our first grandchild arrived almost ten years ago, I made her 3 quilts. I couldn't decide what to make so I made her a regular  quilt with a flannel back, a summer quilt with no batting, and a heavier quilt. Since then, each grandchild has received 3 quilts upon their birth. This baby boy is our 8th grandchild and most likely the last one but who knows?!?!!

Anyway, since I have been doing a lot of knitting, I decided he needed a very soft, light weight blanket too. The color is blue like this yarn. The photos of the blanket don't show the color very well.

The blanket is about 30" X 38".

It is reversible.

This is made from Rauma Babygarn, a washable 100% Norwegian wool. It should be a nice weight year round.

I knit most of this blanket on our winter trip to North Carolina in January. It was a great project to do while we were on the road.


  1. That's beautiful! I know my kids still love the knitted baby blankets they recieved from my knitting friends. Your dimensions helped me out - I have one on the crochet hook but am not sure how big to make it. I'll just use your dimensions! Thanks.

  2. That is just such a beautiful blanket!

  3. It's very pretty Jeanne! It's such a lovely blanket for a little boy to have!

  4. That is a lovely pattern and beautifully light weight. It will be forever cherished, I'm sure!!!

    1. Thanks Doreen. I just took a chance on the pattern and I loved how it turned out. I hope the wee one loves it too! ~Jeanne



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