Saturday, February 22, 2014

Triangles and Polka Dots

I began the first quilt for our soon-to-arrive grandson while at Quilt Camp last fall. I gave a little peek here.

These are 2" finished squares with a corner triangle. The triangles are left from making binding mostly. A few are from my friends at camp. I saw the design in Sunday Morning Quilts  and wanted to make it. It took quite a while but I love how it turned out. The binding is hard to see - it is a blue with different colored dots.
This quilt was folded right before the photo - can you tell?
The back is large polka dots broken up by a strip of smaller dots and 6 little squares with triangles.

This quilt is about 42" by 45". I machine quilted this with straight lines in a grid pattern. Instead of binding, there is a piece of white cotton fabric between the top and backing. 


  1. What a pretty quilt! I like the backing! As a hand quilter, I don't use pieced backings (too many more seams to stitch through), but I love them ... and yours with the large polka dots and the strip of smaller polka dots is simply wonderful! How in the world did you manage to find the same color for both?

  2. This is a great baby quilt! This one would be good for a boy or girl!

  3. Love your quilt. It does look like a lot of work, but well worth it!

  4. This quilt is for all ages for sure!!!! That is one terrific finish!!!!!

    1. Right. Thanks! I like when a quilt can grow with you… ~Jeanne

  5. Your triangle quilt is simply wonderful! I, too, have this book, and that is one of my favorites! Congratulations!



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