Monday, January 20, 2014

Swaddle time

Daughter-in-law Emily had posted this swaddle blanket photo on Pinterest. I thought it was darling so ...

I found some patterns online and then found the actual pattern with this photograph in the book, Fabric-by-Fabric One Yard Wonders by Yaker and Hoskins.

I looked and looked but could not find a printed flannel like the one in the photo. Ray and I did find a couple flannels that would work and Emily picked out three pieces the day we went shopping.

And now the swaddle blankets are done! 

I made bias binding due to the many curves and corners in the pattern. I always finish the binding on my quilts by hand so I find finishing with a machine a little awkward. 

Sorry I don't have a darling little person to model these! Won't be much longer though!

I think they are cute - wish I'd had something like this when our kids were born. 

My list is shrinking - next up is a nursing cover. And I really need to get the quilts started for this little guy...


  1. So, so cute! What I would have given for a few of those when I was a new mama ... your DIL is going to really appreciate them!

  2. Very cute! A cover for the car seat is good too, especially if they are in cold weather. Makes it easier to get them to the car and then you can uncover once they are in. Much better than trying to get coats on the little ones.

  3. Those are just adorable! Emily is sure to just love them all!

  4. Cute! I've read about swaddling, but, never knew anyone who swaddled their baby. I guess it's just too hot down south to swaddle (we were in Texas when our kids were born).

  5. Can't wait to see the new grand baby swaddled up! Very cute.

  6. Those turned out so great. Love the fabric color combinations.



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