Friday, January 31, 2014

Absolutely perfect ironing surface!

Almost a year ago, I had some tables made - one of normal height for my extra sewing machines, a tall 3' by 5' one for cutting and a tall 2' by 5' one that I could butt up against the cutting table so I can pin a 9' quilt the Sharon Schamber way.

The next big change for my sewing area was to be a new ironing surface/counter. I've looked and looked for something that would work and then it hit me during the night a while back - use the 2' by 5' table!

The table is the ideal height. I asked son Brent to make me a board to cover the table. Brent is the woodworker in the family.
Too bad I didn't raise the shades to the same level!
The board is done finished by two grandsons who wrote neat messages and colored on the bottom with markers and it is perfect! Yesterday Ray and I covered the board with batting and ironing board fabric. I laid a piece of flannel on the table top. The board which has 1" by 1/2" sides fits perfectly over the table. I can easily lift the board and remove it if I need the table to pin a quilt.
The ironing surface is in front of the window where I can see our driveway and the street.
I don't have the best storage underneath yet - I'm working on that. Some idea will probably hit me one of these nights at 3AM!
New ironing surface - 24" by 60".
In the meantime, I do have a fantastic ironing surface! 


  1. 3AM is when ideas I've been thinking on usually hit me! I love your ironing surface! I love all your tables!

  2. Love your ironing surface and especially love that it is in front of a window so you have a great view while you iron!

  3. An ironing surface that fits over the top of an existing table? Genius!!!

    I only have the one table ... it's all I have room for in my share of the spare bedroom. BUT I need to somehow come up with something better for pressing!! When I'm piecing, I set my ironing board up (but very low) just to my left so I can turn and press seams. But when it comes time to press the top or the backing, that ironing board just doesn't cut it for bed-sized quilts. :-(

  4. Awesome!!!! It makes all the difference in the neatness and accuracy of the finish for sure!!! You certainly have a bunch of talented guys in your family!!!!! And generous, too!!! Hugs.............

    1. Thanks Doreen! I love, love, love my new ironing surface. I pressed a completed quilt top today and it was fun! I really appreciate our son's help. ~Jeanne

  5. How cool! I'm still trying to figure out my space. One of these days I'll box up my son's stuff, and, then I might have more room. Till then, only temporary things.

  6. I did something similar for my ironing surface - I have cabinets with a granite counter top that's a fabulous work surface. My husband trimmed up an old hollow core door and then I covered it. I can lift it off when I need the work surface. The best of both worlds I say! blessings, marlene



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