Monday, January 13, 2014

Maybe some quilting...

After we got home last week, we spent one day getting caught up - laundry, mail, taking down Christmas decorations, etc.

Then, when the fog cleared a little Friday morning, we left for Madison, Wisconsin. We had tickets for a concert, Elvis Lives. We also had reservations at a motel on the square, only a 4 block walk from the Overture Center. Well the freezing rain began mid-afternoon. The walk wasn't fun but the concert was great!

On Saturday we headed home for a wedding and on to Dubuque, Iowa for the reception and to spend the night. 

On Sunday we were back in Wisconsin to watch grandson Mack play hockey. So glad we were there to see him score a GOAL!

Now we are really home! I think it's time for some quilting!


  1. Wow - you guys were really on the go! I think you deserve some time for quilting!!

  2. Wow! Aren't you the globe trotter!!!!! Yes, quilting would be good after all that FUN!!!! Hugs..............

    1. It was fun to be in the sewing room today! Maybe I'll even have something to share in a couple of days...

  3. How is it that retired people are much more busy than anyone else? Sounds like a very busy weekend.... you deserve some much needed sewing therapy.
    I'll bet your grandson loved that you were there to see his goal.



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