Monday, January 6, 2014

Driving into Weather

We are headed home. Sad because we are leaving family and friends and sad because we are in weather! I know most everyone has weather right now but I wish we could have just blinked and been home!
  1. the state of the atmosphere
  2. state or vicissitude of life or fortune
  3. disagreeable atmospheric conditions: as rain, storm OR cold air with dampness

I use the 3rd definition of this word most of the time! 

After packing in 61 degrees, the warmest since we began this trip!, we sat at breakfast with a map and a computer. We knew we wanted to stay south and west for many hours before heading north. But the computer models changed - either route wasn't going to be pleasant. So we decided on the shorter route and headed north. We crossed the mountains in Virginia and  West Virginia. We've been in rain, snow, and heavy winds. The temperature dropped 50 degrees rapidly. 

We stopped at the Southwest Virginia Farmer's Market and found some wonderful pecans. Great munching food!

Tonight we are north of Charleston, WV. It wasn't a great day on the road but we are safe and warm tonight! I think that makes a great day - right?!

Tomorrow will still be cold and there will still be snow and we will still be on our way home...


  1. Be safe. As of 5:00 this morning, most roads all across Illinois are various stages of snow/ice covered.

  2. I sure hope you have an uneventful drive today. I mostly use the 3rd definition of weather too. Please be careful!



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