Thursday, July 25, 2013

Yes, I'm a PFC with a STABLE!

This was recently shared on Facebook 
and I thought I'd better share 
in case you haven't seen it.

I have some UFOs, a few WIPs, a couple of PHDs 
and a few PIGS upstairs in my sewing rooms. 
There are a number of NESTYs and one WOMBAT. 
Yes, I am a PFC with my very own STABLE!


  1. I'd never heard of WOMBAT before! I think I fit into all of those categories. I'm finally home and can't wait to get into the sewing room and visit my machine. Must fill the fridge first and do some house cleaning while the floors are not cluttered with toys and kids things.

  2. Oh, this is good! I have everything on that list! LOL

  3. I have several of everything listed except WOMBATS. I pass those on to others who appreciate them.



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