Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Christmas Bucket

I'm going to a Christmas in July Camp on Monday. I finally figured out what I made last year - a Take 5 Quilt that I never finished and probably never will! That is a little unusual around here! I really did/do not like the fabrics. Wonder what I was thinking when I bought the fabric?!  Anyway on that same day, I bought the book Hugs and Holly by Kelly Meuller of The Wooden Bear.  I liked the pattern for Santa's Cookie Bucket - the pattern for this little bucket that I just made.

The bottom finishes at a 5" square and the sides finish at 6" tall. The pattern uses wooden buttons on the side - I used leather buttons cause I didn't have any wood ones!

The pattern has an optional insert with a drawstring to close the bucket. That's looked rather neat, too.

When I bought the book, I thought maybe I'd make these as gift baskets last year. It didn't happen! Not sure it will this year either but it is a cute little bucket.


  1. That bucket is adorable - love it, Jeanne. Have a great time at camp.

  2. Cute bucket. We've made Take 5 quilts for Quilts of Valor. They go together quickly. You can always pass it on if you don't like the colors. I'm sure someone will like the colors and finish it. I've got a few like that, too.

  3. That's darling....I love it!! The 'Take 5' quilt may be a good one to complete as a give-away/quilty-hug quilt in the future!?! Blessings......

    1. Thanks Doreen! I will probably finish the Take 5 at some point but I really don't like working on a quilt I don't like! When the piles get down, I'm sure I'll finish it. Thank goodness this doesn't happen often! ~Jeanne



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