Thursday, July 11, 2013


Where is it? When I went to bed Tuesday night, I put both needles and my knitting right here.

When I got up Wednesday, my knitting and only one needle were there???!

I cleaned off the table - even the bottom! I looked under the table, in my knitting bag, in my chair, under my chair, along the edges of the carpet. Then I looked in every place again and again! Where is the missing needle?

I went upstairs to the knitting needle drawer. No extra needles there - of course not - how could it have gotten there?! I picked up a size 4 circular needle and came back downstairs. I knit the next row onto the circular needle.

I went to bed Wednesday night and put my knitting right here.

When I got up today, it was still there - whew! But that straight 10" needle is STILL missing!

1 comment:

  1. I hate when something like that happens! Now that you've loaded that row onto another needle, you'll likely find that missing needle. ;-)



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