Monday, July 8, 2013

B/W Orange All Over is finished!

Black White Orange All Over is finished! It is a lap quilt that will be a donation quilt. 

I had a pattern but made changes so I could use all of the fabric and have a little larger quilt. The quilt is 50" X 54" and has Dream Poly batting. 

I found some really neat black fabric with orange for the back.

I left my comfort zone, once again, and machine quilted this with a square stippling design. It has no curves, just sharp corners but not all 90 degrees. They should be though! I thought this motif fit the design of the quilt.


  1. Beautifully done, Jeanne! I think the squared stippling is perfect for that quilt.

  2. Love the quilting and the color scheme is awesome!! This would be out of my comfort zone, also, but the result is wonderful! So much fun...hmmmm?

    1. Thanks! It seems like it took forever to learn gentle curves in free motion quilting and then I tried the sharp points and corners - think I should have done those first! This was still fun to do and the quilting is great for the quilt. ~Jeanne

  3. Great job. Someone will love to snuggle under it.



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