Thursday, January 31, 2013

2013 NewFO Challenge January Update

This year I am doing the 2013 NewFO Challenge over at Cat Patches. I wrote about it here. So, per the rules, I need to start at least one new project each month but I don't need to finish anything! Perfect Challenge! You can see what everyone else is doing here.

Here is my January report:
1) I began the year with a baby quilt and I finished it!
The little guy is expected in March; the baby shower is in February.
2) I began and finished two quilts for my mom's home!

Delivered on 1/29/13.
3) I began Spring Bouquet, an Edyta Sitar quilt.
I am using fabric silhouettes so I just had to fuse the  laser cut pieces. Now I have to stitch around each piece. That might take a while - I'll update my progress.
There are 4 borders hanging on the right. 
4) I began the 5th Anniversary Quilt at Lucky2BQuilting. It's a BOM and I have the January block done!
This one will take at least a year!

5) I bought a kit last fall at a shop going out of business. This flannel snowman quilt is a Yellow Brick Road. I started cutting it out in early January and finally sewed some of it together at Lucky 2B Quilting Camp on January 21. It still needs the borders.

Woo Hoo -I finished 40% and I didn't have to finish any - does that make me an overachiever?! Or just a person who flits from one project to another?!


  1. It, also, makes you a "kindred spirit"!!!! Although all the machine covers I started I did complete----a major achievement in my world!! LOL! Your projects are great....the baby quilt is so dreamy....feels good to be (temporarily) ahead of the game, doesn't it?? Hugs, Doreen

    1. Right! Not sure what it is about baby quilts but I always have them done in time - maybe it is my family giving be almost 9 months notice! Back in 2000, when the family gained 4 babies, I was getting emails as soon as anyone thought she was pregnant! ~Jeanne

  2. Hmm, I only completed half of my starts - I think that makes us perfect members of the NewFO Club, wouldn't you say?! Love that baby quilt and your Edyta Sitar quilt is going to be fabulous!

  3. You've been busy too! lol Love the baby quilt~

  4. The baby quilt is darling. I also love the quilts for "mom's home." Is this original artwork that's been incorporated into the quilts? So bright and cute!

  5. That's a beautiful baby quilt. These are all great projects.

  6. Love that kind of challenge, and I'm so impressed at how many projects you not only started, but even finished!



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