Wednesday, January 30, 2013

We have weather!

One of our 'local' weathermen nearest TV station is 65 miles away said our weather this week is the craziest he has seen in his 14 years in our area!  

Sunday - we had freezing temperatures and ice.

Monday - our schools were closed due to ice. By Monday afternoon we had sunny skies and temps in the 50s! Then we had thunderstorms all night.

Tuesday - we woke up to more thunderstorms. The temperature rose to 62 degrees but dropped rapidly when more rain arrived in the afternoon.

Today, Wednesday - we woke up to a dusting of snow. It is now noon and we have more than 5" of heavy wet snow. The schools are out. 

We are not done! It is still snowing and the temperature is dropping lower and lower - single digits or below zero temps by tomorrow and even colder by Friday.

A great day to quilt or knit! So glad I can just stay inside.


  1. That IS crazy! I though that the St. Louis area weather was crazy, but yours is topping ours. "All" we have today are heavy winds and dropping temperatures. It sounds like we both have good reasons to stay inside and do some needlework, right?

  2. I remember those days in VT. Pretty much had to have some of everything in your car when you went out. I think in one day we once had - high temps in Feb, rain, ice, to snow and below freezing. I remember this because it was a day I flew home from a conference years and years ago.
    Stay warm. Quilting or knitting sounds like the perfect thing to do.

  3. Honestly (and I sure hate to say it!) but we are still so far behind on moisture....even snow.....that it will take so much to catch up. Just pray it comes in moderation!! Stay safe!

    1. We need moisture badly too. So far we seem to be handling the moisture ok. Concerns of flooding yesterday but then our rain changed to snow so hopefully the moisture will stay where it is needed. Since we don't have anything urgent going on, we can adjust our schedules - nice! Stay warm! ~Jeanne

  4. I came to visit in the Marlene's neighborhood. It's nice to meet you and see what that you've had a bit of time indoors. I love the name of your blog - we are newly retired - and loving it! Thanks for stopping by to visit me. I'll be back again.

  5. This definitely sounds like perfect quilting weather. Enjoy the day!



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