Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mug Rugs and a Table Runner DONE!

I just finished a couple of things today. Keeping busy is a great distraction for pain!

First are a couple of mug rugs. They are about 6 1/2" by 9". Just the right size for a mug and a couple of cookies! I've seen pictures of lots of these and just had to try making a couple.

On the way home from my stress test, a week and a half ago, we stopped at The Quilt Trunk and I bought a kit for a table runner. Well, when my body feels great, my mind doesn't always work and when my body hurts, my mind works less! This isn't exactly how the kit was supposed to look but it is similar.
This picture might be a bit out of focus - sorry about that.

The stripe of fabric through the small squares should be narrower and the squares should be larger - you know, sometimes I change a pattern intentionally and sometimes it just happens! At least it turned out fine - this time!

I'm ready for the surgery. It might be a while before I get back to this blog but when I do, I expect that much of my pain will be gone! ;)

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