Friday, April 8, 2011

Introduction to Nuclear Medicine

I had my stress test today - a nuclear stress test or to be exact, a Sestimibi Stress Test. 

In case you are interested: 
"A Sestimibi Stress Test is a diagnostic xray study that uses a radioactive tracer, called sestimibi, or cardiolite, to create pictures of the heart muscle. When combined with stress either by exercising or by use of a medicine, the sestimibi scan helps determine if the heart muscle is getting enough blood.

A Sestimibi Stress Test consists of two parts, rest and stress:
  • Sestimibi will be given through your IV while you are at rest, and a special camera will take pictures of your heart.
  • Sestimibi will be given to you by IV one other time during the stress portion of the test, and then more pictures will be taken of your heart. This allows the doctor to compare the amount of blood flowing through the heart muscle during stress and at rest."

So I got the tracer by IV, had the scan in the 'donut' machine' with the gamma rays, then managed the treadmill (YES!), got more tracer during the treadmill part, then another scan. It really went quite well and I was able to get my heart rate quite a bit above where it needed to be. It all took 2 1/2 hours so Ray got lots of rest with little stress! I guess I am still a little radio active tonight - maybe I'll glow!

Hopefully we'll get the results on Monday.

Oh yeah, one of the three people working with me was a UW-LaCrosse graduate! Our Alma Mater!

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