Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day one of our September trip

We started the day with breakfast at Sunrise Cafe in Warren. A great beginning!

Then we headed to the Quilt Expo in Madison, WI. I think Ray was amazed at some of the quilts and how far some of the vendors come. I found a few things! I tried to limit my purchases since there will be a number of quilt shop visits in the near future! I love the triple-hanger that I bought from a Cary, NC vendor. We have been to Cary a number of times so it was fun talking with her. Gail, a friend from day camp at Lucky 2B Quilting, visited with us early on and again before we left. Other than a few vendors, she is the only person I knew out of the MANY people there!

We ate a late lunch at Salad Creations in Madison - really good! Thanks for the tip, Sue!

Next stop was The Shoe Box in Black Earth, WI. We both found shoes we were looking for and more so it was a worthwhile stop!

We ended up in Eau Claire tonight. Had a nice dinner, a walk around the mall, and are now watching the football game.

It has been a nice but cool day . The trees are beginning to change - pictures will come one of these days.

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  1. Your new blog look is beautiful. Are you heading to Canada? We leave tomorrow and certainly hope to see lots of beautiful fall color in the mountains. Safe travels! Looking forward to some great photos from Ray and YOU.



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