Sunday, September 5, 2010

Jacket done!

The Million Dollar Jacket is finished!

It was all sewn together, almost done, when I first tried it on. Oh! Why didn't I baste it together??? It was HUGE! I tore it apart, took FIVE INCHES out of the body and narrowed the shoulders by TWO INCHES!

I checked the pattern before I began but
  • I was by myself (should have waited until Ray was around to ask questions about what I couldn't see), 
  • I wasn't sure what over-sized really meant when dealing with quilted pieces, and 
  • the measurements on the pattern corresponded to me. 
I was very disappointed in the pattern so I'll probably never buy another The Quilted Closet pattern but I do like my jacket now that it is done!

I don't look happy cause no one said "smile"!

1 comment:

  1. I just have to comment Jeanne at how totally awesome the jacket is!! You will get so much use out of it and it looks great with jeans. Time well spent! Can't wait to see it in person one day! Connie



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