Thursday, September 16, 2010

Great day in Thunder Bay

We have had a great day in Thunder Bay! The skies cleared and the temperature got to about 60.

We began the day at Kakabbeca Falls. Absolutely incredible - this is known as the Niagara of the North.

Then we headed to Fort William Historical Park, "one of the largest living history attractions in North America, devoted to re-creating the days of the North West Company and the Canadian fur trade... recognized as one of the world's most impressive historic sites." Since this is off-season, there were very few people there and we had a very interesting and educational experience. Ettione was our guide for the first hour and a half.

This baby hammock really intrigued both of us.

There were lots of furs. I went straight for the silver fox and Ettione said I had great taste - I chose the most expensive fur in the room!

Ray was intrigued with the brooms. He swept a few floors today!

We had lunch at the Canteen - a buffet of lettuce salad (good), beef stew (excellent), pea soup (didn't try it), chunks of brown bread (very good), blueberry/raspberry deep dish pie (very good), and butter tarts (very good but Ray didn't like the raisin layer). The hot tea was also good since the weather was still rather cool at that time.

Around 3 PM we went to Hillcrest Park, "one of the crown jewels of Thunder Bay's Public Park system." The view of the city and the harbor was breathtaking. That rock formation in the background is Sleeping Giant.

The flowers were still beautiful.

We went to Marina Park right on Lake Superior. Here is the lighthouse with the Sleeping Giant behind it.

Dinner at Melizana, Mediterranean cuisine. This was another recommendation given to us by the owner of the motel. It was wonderful! Ray had pork souvlaki and I had moussaka with a Greek salad. 

We just talked to the owner of the motel and he is working on a place for us to eat tomorrow night! He also said that he and his wife enjoyed the Honeycrisp apple that we gave him. They love apples and had never heard of Honeycrisps! We just happen to be traveling with a whole bag of them!

Tonight's agenda is to decide what to do tomorrow - we have a list of possibilities and got more suggestions from our dinner waitress.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed our restaurant! If you're ever back up here, we'd be glad to have your company.



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