Friday, September 17, 2010

Another day in Thunder Bay

It started as a drizzly, cool morning but turned out to be a rather nice day. Ended up sunny in the high 60s.

After breakfast we headed south to the Thunder Oak Cheese Farm to see them make Gouda cheese. It was interesting and the cheese is good! We left with 4 kinds of cheese and some Dutch crackers.

The cheese factory and the store are housed in this one building.

Next we drove north and east for most of an hour to the Amethyst Mine Panorama. I was a little disappointed - I really didn't care if I "panned for gold"; I wanted to see some of the mining operations. It was drizzly when we got there and we couldn't really see any of the mining. We'll just say that it was a pretty drive and we saw deer. If the sun had been out, I think it would have been a gorgeous drive!

We drove back to Thunder Bay and had lunch at The Hoito. Our waitress last night said this place wasn't much to look at but the food was great, especially breakfast. She was right! After entering the old building, you go down some steps and get into line. The sign says to seat yourself at the next clean table. We did and we ordered breakfast (served all day). Our waitress was really friendly and told us she has stayed in Rockford twice!

After shopping downtown, we headed to the Intercity Shopping Center. Toopy and Binoo from Treehouse TV were there for a show. We have never heard of these characters but they had a huge following - a few hundred preschoolers and parents! We were able to walk the mall and then headed to the Thunder Center which is nearby. After checking out a few stores, we headed 'home'.

We are finding that most things cost a lot more than in the states so we really aren't buying. We haven't really found much that we couldn't buy at home.

Just found out that the Prime Minister was in Thunder Bay today. Explains why we saw so many OPP (Ontario Provincial Police). We were very close to where the PM was.

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