Monday, September 20, 2010

A Cool Day in Bayfield

We began the day with a Grand Tour of the Apostle Islands.  The sun came out just as we left the dock but didn’t stay out nearly long enough! It was a cool cruise (as in neat and as in cold!). We saw the lighthouses on Devils Island and Raspberry Island along with the sea caves.

Glad we went and that we wore many layers of clothing!

This afternoon we went to some of the orchards. We found hot mulled cider at Erickson Orchard and Country Store. Evidently this is the only orchard with a bakery so we bought a few apple cider doughnuts and a couple of pie sticks. Sooooooooooo good! The pie sticks were thinly rolled crust filled with apple pie filling and rolled up. Sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon before and/or after baking. I MUST try making these!

The Bayfield Apple Company orchard had Honey Crisp apples. Since we only had 2 left, we bought another bag. We also got some raspberry apple cider. Talking with one of the owners, we found that there is basically no waste in this operation - they raise apples, raspberries, a few other fruits, and make ciders, jams, and butters. 

Good Earth Gardens had lots of dried flowers. When we arrived, a black lab brought his ball (aka red apple) to Ray. So Ray tossed it to him and he caught it. Eventually the apple rolled under our van. When we got ready to leave, the lab was sitting and waiting for his apple! So Ray and the dogs looked for it but they couldn't reach it until we backed out.

Hauser’s Superior View Farm had a great view of Lake Superior. It also has a Sears barn (interesting to us since we live in a Sears house).  We found an apple cinnamon BBQ sauce that we’ll try once we get home.

There is one quilt shop here, Orchard’s Edge Quilting. It is right at the edge of Bayfield Apple Company and a really neat little shop in the lady’s log house.

In fact the living room of the house which opens to the kitchen is the shop along with the next room which was built to be her longarm room. She cuts fabric on the bar in the kitchen!

We had a very nice visit and left with a few goodies!

We ate at Maggie's, aka the Pink Palace, tonight. Nothing much is happening around town so we are home in front of a warm fire. Nice day and night!

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  1. Wow, you must be coming home with lots of material. How many shops have you visited? The Apostle Island tour looks beautiful. I tried to comment on vacation but I couldn't see the visual verification image.



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