Monday, April 6, 2009

Special Project

Happy Birthday Grace!!!!!

Granddaughter Grace is 5 years old! We wanted to do something special so we bought an 18" doll and I began sewing.

Grace needs a tote bag to keep everything in:

and the bottom says it is hers!
Of course the doll needed a quilt and a pillow with a couple of pillow cases.
And she definitely had to have a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.
We thought a little jumper, shirt, and leggings would be nice.
And a three little outfits that coordinate with each other.

Every doll needs a dress-up dress.
And a cowgirl outfit sounded like fun - shirt, vest, skirt, and boots!

Then I added a reversible poncho in case it gets cool outside.
Every girl and doll needs a variety of purses.
I only made one hat but with Velcro, there are a variety of looks.

And Ray had this great idea so I came up with this outfit with two looks - a Cubs cheerleader!

We hope Grace loves her gift and enjoys it as much as we enjoyed creating it!


  1. Oh my gosh - this is all so adorable! I'm sure Grace is going to love it all!

  2. My goodness, it's unbelievable how many outfits you made. So cute!!



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