Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We are a little boring ...

The highlights of the past couple of weeks are: having lunch with Aunt Helen and Easter. I am working 40 hours/week and it is really cutting into my play time! I like working in Colorado better - no other obligations, a chef, and the Rocky Mountains! Actually my Census job is going well - I have seen some incredible houses, some fantastic scenic views, some really weird roads, and 1 red fox and 10 deer. As of 10 AM yesterday, I have earned enough for one Medicare quarter! Only 3 quarters to go this year. Ray hasn't worked too much. Evidently there isn't much Quality Control work yet - it will probably pick up one of these days.

It was really fun to see Aunt Helen - I just never get to see her enough. She is getting ready to move further away and is busy packing so I am really happy that she took the time to have lunch with us.

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