Monday, January 23, 2023

Small Gems is finished!

 In November, I finished Bright Gems

Small Gems is the same pattern but with smaller blocks and pastels. When I pulled scraps for Bright Gems, the pastels didn't work with the bright colors so I set them aside. Since there were so many pastels, I decided to make a second quilt with them. I also wanted to see the quilt with smaller blocks so Small Gems was created with 3 1/2" blocks instead of 4 1/2" blocks.

This donation quilt is 60 inches square.

The back is a purple/blue/green fabric from my stash. I free-motioned quilted this on the long arm using 40-wt Glide thread - #17443 Bone for the top and #10877 Sterling for the back.

I quilted this with a motif that I'm not sure has a name. I made two elongated loops similar to feathers and then echoed them before making two more loops. Sometimes I used only one loop and sometimes I echoed more than once. It is very typical with FMQ to use parts of a design as an area is filled. I haven't used this design for quite a while and it was fun, especially now that I can make everything larger on the long arm.

This week is a little exciting around here.
Now remember it doesn't take much for us to be excited. Our new refrigerator and dishwasher will arrive shortly. All of our appliances will be the same color again! It's been a while - we never thought the fridge and dishwasher would last this long but we are not complaining. Tomorrow our Teppanyaki Griddle is supposed to arrive. It is custom made to fit our gas stove. I am more excited about the griddle than the appliances - both of us are excited to cook on it!


  1. Sounds like you will be doing lots of cooking in the near future. I've never heard of that type of grill. I had to look it up (still not sure).

  2. Equally as beautiful as Bright Gems, Jeanne! Congrats on your quilt finish and best of luck with your new appliances.



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