Monday, August 15, 2022

Headed west towards home

Day 14
This was a very hard day. First we had to say goodbye - I may have shed tears. 

Then we had a very long day in the car. Our first stop of the day was in Oakland, Maryland. We stopped to walk through the Farmer's Market and ended up parking by the 1884 Oakland Train Station.

The rest of the day was spent riding with only necessary stops. About an hour away from our destination, we encountered a long detour making our ride 30-45 minutes longer. 

Our travels today took us from Virginia to West Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio.
When we finally arrived at our rental, delicious chocolate chip cookies were waiting for us - a great bright spot in our day.

Day 15
The ride yesterday was so long because we changed our rental from a place in Salem, Ohio, to one in Millersburg, Ohio. The one in Salem had a very disturbing review that we saw earlier in the week and we no longer felt comfortable staying there. The new rental is definitely a 5 star. I am so happy that we are here for 2 nights - we both need rest after yesterday's ride and this is a perfect place for it.

We are in Amish country (Holmes County, OH) and very little is open on Sunday (today) and it is raining. So... we found a place for lunch and an open grocery store. Now we are 'home' - we'll fix dinner here tonight, do a load of laundry, and relax. Riding is  still hard for both of us.

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