Sunday, August 7, 2022

Grace's Quilt

We have finally gifted Grace's quilt so I can post about it. 

Our oldest grandchild graduated from high school this spring. I decided to make her a quilt using her favorite color, yellow, and other popular mid-century (which she enjoys) colors - orange and green. 

Excuse the fold marks

Grace's Quilt  is a quilted message to Grace. It reminds her to feel our love when she wraps herself in the quilt. It describes her - loving, creative, unique, artistic, daughter .... 

It offers some advice: Treasure the moment. Text your grandparents. The price of acceptance is too high if it costs who you are. Enjoy your journey. ... 

I stitched in cursive on the quilt crossing the horizontal white areas. I only broke thread at the end of each row.The writing did cross the longer blocks. It took me awhile to get comfortable writing with my long arm but it was worth the effort. (I do not have computerized quilting.)

The quilting in the colored blocks is done horizontally. There are 10 rows. Rows 1, 4, 7, and 10 are quilted with Lazy Eights. 

Row 2 has stippling. 

Row 3 has double loops.

Row 5 is quilted with spectrum.

Row 6 is quilted with paisley.

Row 8 has horizontal stippling.

Row 9 has bark.

And the border is stippled with Grace's name in the center of the bottom border.

The backing is yellow with circles of color.

I hope Grace finds this quilt comforting no matter how her day is going.

This quilt is 66 inches by 74 inches and is quilted with Finesse 3285 light wool 40 weight thread. I used 15 stitches per inch for the writing and 11 stitches per inch for the rest of the quilting. The quilt isn't perfect, but I think I accomplished my goal. I wanted a  quilted message that was easy to read up close but didn't really appear if you were a few feet away. 

Happy Graduation Grace! We love you and look forward to seeing the places you will go!


  1. What a wonderful gift! I love your writing and notes to her.

  2. You did a great job and how loved she is going to feel wrapped up in that beautiful quilt.

  3. Grace's quilt is SEW fabulous, Jeanne!! You made a lovely gift that be a reminder to her each day.

  4. I just finished reading your road trip posts. Very neat photo of the two of you and my daughter made us a limoncillo cake and it was rich and delicious. You are good to do your exercises while on vacation. Meanwhile, this is a wonderful keep sake of a quilt with loving words all over it. I'm sure Grace will treasure it!

  5. Great quilt for Grace. Nice that you added the messages in the quilting.



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