Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Patience . . .

Amazing what a few minutes a day will yield. I try to do a little quilting each day and I've managed to finish another quilt top, sandwich/pin three tops, quilt two tops and finish one. Here are a couple views of my studio today with different things in progress.

B/W with Red is finished!
I used some black and white strings that I've had around here for a few years. Every so often, I dig them out and use some for another quilt. One of these days, that bin will be empty.

This donation quilt is 58" square. I quilted it with large loops and double loops using Aurifil #2600 50-wt Dove thread for the top and Microquilter 100-wt #7007 light gray thread for the back.

The back is black with a small white dot and the binding matches the red in the quilt.

The newest quilt top, The I Spy Tree, is based on Bonnie Hunter's Pine Tree Point. I used strings from my overflowing string bin to make the trees. Since this will be donated to a child at the Children's Hospital, I made one tree with prints, the I Spy tree. I made minor changes to the pattern. The most significant was cutting the trees with fewer pieces. I also changed the borders. 

Update on my health:
Monday I saw the surgeon. I've had lots of imaging - CT scan, X-rays, MRI, and more X-rays. The surgeon said I needed surgery which I expected. BUT... he went on to say that my bone strength/density is not good enough to have the surgery. That came as a shock. So we are working on changing the strength and density of my bones. He is hopeful that he'll be able to do the surgery in 6 months. He said that I can work through the pain - I was told a few months ago to stop any activity when the pain ramped up. The surgeon said I will not be doing any more damage to the nerves. So for the next 6 months, I'll still have the pain but at least I can do some things. I've started riding the stationary recumbent bike again and I'm trying to walk a little on the treadmill. Patience ...


  1. Such a pretty rainbow of color in your sewing room! Sorry about needing the surgery but that is good news that they think they can improve the bone density in 6 months. Been thinking of you.

  2. The I spy tree quilt is a wonderful variation. Why don't you send a photo and note to share it with Bonnie? She would like to see this variation I know.
    A little each day gets things done. I have missed too many days.
    Ok, they did not give you great newd but at least you have some direction. Did they suggest vitamin input to help with bone density? My vitamin D was so low before, but on recheck last year I had greatly improved bone density now. Of course, now it is my iron...we won't even go there. I hope you gave strength and improvement in any way to help.

  3. Lots of beautiful projects in the works, Jeanne! Best of luck ramping up your bone density in the next 6 months so you can have the surgery that you need.

  4. Great quilts. I can do the bike, but my balance isn't very good on a treadmill (I have to hold on). Hopefully you can do both easier. Good luck, and drink some milk.



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