Sunday, February 7, 2021

A second finish in February!

I have a second finish this month - Diamonds with Squares! You may recall that I bought the book, Quilts for Scrap Lovers, so I could see this simple block. I wrote a little about that in this post. I made this entire quilt, except for the white border, with this little block.

Diamonds with Squares is a donation quilt that is 53" square. 

I quilted it with Aurifil #2784 navy 50-wt thread. I echoed the blue squares in the white using rulers. In the blue diamonds, I free motioned the lazy eight motif (which happens to be one of my favorites) and a fun madeup medallion in the corners.

This is the first quilt I have used an actual color wheel to choose fabrics. In this case, all of the fabrics were from my stash. 

The backing on the quilt is Navy Grunge - I do love working with the Grunge fabrics.

We are really having a cold spell here and we have lots of snow. It is great weather to stay inside and sew or watch the Super Bowl or both!


  1. Great quilt. You can't go wrong with a blue and white any way! I always call this little block Versatile, as it can do so much. From a whole top to just a border it works hard.

  2. Conrgrats on another beautiful quilt finish, Jeanne!!

  3. Very pretty quilt. Great colors. Stay warm. It's frigid today.



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