Monday, April 27, 2020

Migration I and II are finished and more

I bought a layer cake called Migration by Michael Miller Fabrics, a few years ago. I liked it but had no current plan for its use. I decided a while back that I needed to use it so I made a couple of 47" square donation quilts. 
Migration I
Migration II
I free-motion quilted Migration I with a large meander stitch using Aurifil #2600 Dove gray thread.

The back uses 4 pieces of the layer cake. The backing fabric is a royal blue grunge fabric.

I free motion quilted Migration II using a motif called Matrix Rays. It is wavy lines going in two directions, crossing each other. The thread is Aurifil Dove Gray #2600. 

The 12 blue squares in the quilt, the binding, and the backing are a turquoise blue grunge fabric.

 The back uses 4 pieces of the layer cake. 


My pile of finished quilt tops has greatly diminished. I am quilting one top and have one that is pinned and ready to be quilted. That's it!


Of course, the making of masks continues. We are now using t-shirt strips for the straps. It is the most comfortable strap either of us has experienced with a mask! I had three new t-shirts (the $3.33 variety from JoAnns and Michaels) that we cut up - two blues and an orange. More shirts should arrive tomorrow.

This is our first youth size mask. We made it since we had a request for one. 

We donated a lot of masks to our hospital a while ago. At that point, they would take whatever you had. Now they prefer that we use their pattern. I finally received elastic in the mail and used all 10 yards on these masks. More elastic is supposed to arrive this week.

The pleated masks have no interfacing nor do they have nose pieces. They are quick to make.


We are still under Stay-at-Home orders in Illinois. We have only gone to the grocery store (every 7-10 days) and the post office (every few days to get our mail) UNTIL yesterday. The fire department in a neighboring village hosted a spaghetti dinner fundraiser for their captain who is battling cancer. We drove to the fire station, gave a donation, and were handed our spaghetti meals. We were only in a car line for 40 minutes which we though was excellent especially when we found out they served way over 1000 meals! It was a gorgeous sunny day. As we left the fire station, we drove by the captain's house (he and his family were sitting outside), waved and honked our get well wishes as did everyone else at the fundraiser. Then we went home and thoroughly enjoyed our spaghetti. 
Update: Fire department served over 1100 meals and with the raffle, donations were over $35,000. Warms my heart.

I hope you are doing well. 
Stay healthy. 
Wash your hands. 
Wear your mask!


  1. Nice quilts. I'm only making the pleated masks. I had lunch with a friend last week. We followed each other thru the drive thru, then drove to the parking lot next door, where we proceeded to eat in our cars (at least 6 feet apart, and chatted for an hour. Nice to actually 'see' people these days.

  2. Love, love, LOVE those sweet quilt finishes, Jeanne!! Glad to hear you two had a pleasurable outing. Especially, considering the worthy cause!



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